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Word FileCHB_D_TIME_01 Downtime Mortuary Process - QRGEPR then BAUCHB_D_TIME_01 Downtime Mortuary Process - QRG  
Word FileCHB_D_TIME_02 Downtime Newborn Admission - QRGEPR then BAUCHB_D_TIME_02 Downtime Newborn Admission - QRG  
Word FileCHB_D_TIME_03 Downtime Non Elective Admission - QRGEPR then BAUCHB_D_TIME_03 Downtime Non Elective Admission - QRG  
Word FileCHB_D_TIME_04 Downtime Patient Discharge - QRGEPR then BAUCHB_D_TIME_04 Downtime Patient Discharge - QRG  
Word FileCHB_D_TIME_05 Downtime Patient Transfer - QRGEPR then BAUCHB_D_TIME_05 Downtime Patient Transfer - QRG  
Word FileCHB_D_TIME_07 Downtime Elective Admission -QRGEPR then BAUCHB_D_TIME_07 Downtime Elective Admission -QRG  
Word FileCHB_D_TIME_08 Downtime ward attender - QRGEPR then BAUCHB_D_TIME_08 Downtime ward attender - QRG  
Word FileCheck-In OP Appointment SOPEPR TeamCheck-In OP Appointment SOP  
Word FileCheck-Out OP Appointment SOPEPR TeamCheck-Out OP Appointment SOP  
Word FileED Downtime Full Registration SOP EPR TeamED Downtime Full Registration SOP  
Word FileHow to Pull a New Patient or Newborn from the Spine using SmartcardBenny Wokoro How to Pull a New Patient or Newborn from the Spine using Smartcard  
Word FileScheduling a Streamlined Follow Up SOPEPR TeamScheduling a Streamlined Follow Up SOP  
Word FileScheduling an OP Walk-In Appt SOPEPR TeamScheduling an OP Walk-In Appt SOP