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Word FileCHB-IP-001 WL Req Elective Theatres Admission Kristina RutherfordCHB-IP-001 WL Req Elective Theatres Admission   
Word FileCHB-IP-002 WL Req Elective NT AdmissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-002 WL Req Elective NT Admission  
Word FileCHB-IP-003 WL Add Patient to WLKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-003 WL Add Patient to WL  
Word FileCHB-IP-004 WL Schedule a TCIKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-004 WL Schedule a TCI  
Word FileCHB-IP-005 WL Create IP WL EncounterKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-005 WL Create IP WL Encounter  
Word FileCHB-IP-006 WL Set WL EncounterKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-006 WL Set WL Encounter  
Word FileCHB-IP-007 WL Suspend Patient on Waiting ListKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-007 WL Suspend Patient on Waiting List  
Word FileCHB-IP-008 WL End SuspensionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-008 WL End Suspension  
Word FileCHB-IP-009 WL Remove Patient from WLKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-009 WL Remove Patient from WL  
Word FileCHB-IP-010 WL Reinstate Patient on WLKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-010 WL Reinstate Patient on WL  
Word FileCHB-IP-011 WL Cancel RequestKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-011 WL Cancel Request  
Word FileCHB-IP-012 WL DNA Elective Non-Theatre TCIKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-012 WL DNA Elective Non-Theatre TCI  
Word FileCHB-IP-013 WL DNA Elective Theatre TCIKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-013 WL DNA Elective Theatre TCI  
Word FileCHB-IP-014 WL Cancel Elective Non-Surgical TCIKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-014 WL Cancel Elective Non-Surgical TCI  
Word FileCHB-IP-015 WL Cancel Elective Theatre TCIKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-015 WL Cancel Elective Theatre TCI  
Word FileCHB-IP-018 Pre-OP Assessment RecordingEPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-018 Pre-OP Assessment Recording  
Word FileCHB-IP-020 WL Schedule Non-Theatres TCIKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-020 WL Schedule Non-Theatres TCI  
Word FileCHB-IP-021 WL Reschedule Theatre Patient After Cancel/DNAKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-021 WL Reschedule Theatre Patient After Cancel/DNA  
Word FileCHB-IP-022 WL Reschedule NT Patient After Cancel/DNAKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-022 WL Reschedule NT Patient After Cancel/DNA  
Word FileCHB-IP-023 ADT Discharged UntreatedKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-023 ADT Discharged Untreated  
Word FileCHB-IP-024 WL Automatic PreOp Request (CHFT)EPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-024 WL Automatic PreOp Request (CHFT)  
Word FileCHB-IP-025 WL Automatic PreOp Request (BTHFT)EPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-025 WL Automatic PreOp Request (BTHFT)  
Word FileCHB-IP-026 WL Manual Pre-Op RequestEPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-026 WL Manual Pre-Op Request  
Word FileCHB-IP-028 WL Request WA FU AppointmentKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-028 WL Request WA FU Appointment  
Word FileCHB-IP-031 ADT Overseas Visitor ProcessKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-031 ADT Overseas Visitor Process  
Word FileCHB-IP-032 ADT TCI Bed RequestKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-032 ADT TCI Bed Request  
Word FileCHB-IP-033 ADT TCI Bed ReservationKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-033 ADT TCI Bed Reservation  
Word FileCHB-IP-034 ADT Elective Inpatient AdmissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-034 ADT Elective Inpatient Admission  
Word FileCHB-IP-035 ADT Patient Transfer-Ward to TheatreKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-035 ADT Patient Transfer-Ward to Theatre  
Word FileCHB-IP-036 ADT Patient Transfer from Theatre to WardKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-036 ADT Patient Transfer from Theatre to Ward  
Word FileCHB-IP-037 ADT Housekeeping Job Request - AdhocKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-037 ADT Housekeeping Job Request - Adhoc  
Word FileCHB-IP-038 ADT Housekeeping Job Request Kristina RutherfordCHB-IP-038 ADT Housekeeping Job Request   
Word FileCHB-IP-039 (T) ADT Non Elec IP Pre-Admission-TemporaryDaul KaurCHB-IP-039 (T) ADT Non Elec IP Pre-Admission-Temporary  
Word FileCHB-IP-039 ADT Non Elec IP Pre-AdmissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-039 ADT Non Elec IP Pre-Admission  
Word FileCHB-IP-040 ADT Non-Elec IP AdmissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-040 ADT Non-Elec IP Admission  
Word FileCHB-IP-041 ADT Bed Swap on wardKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-041 ADT Bed Swap on ward  
Word FileCHB-IP-042 ADT Transfer on same wardKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-042 ADT Transfer on same ward  
Word FileCHB-IP-043 ADT Request Transfer Patient Location Kristina RutherfordCHB-IP-043 ADT Request Transfer Patient Location   
Word FileCHB-IP-044 ADT Transfer Bed ReservationKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-044 ADT Transfer Bed Reservation  
Word FileCHB-IP-045 ADT Transfer - Target WardEPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-045 ADT Transfer - Target Ward  
Word FileCHB-IP-046 ADT Transport Patient to DestinationEPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-046 ADT Transport Patient to Destination  
Word FileCHB-IP-047 ADT Transfer ConsultantKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-047 ADT Transfer Consultant  
Word FileCHB-IP-048 ADT Infection Clean RequestKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-048 ADT Infection Clean Request  
Word FileCHB-IP-049 ADT Ad Hoc Clean Job (CHFT only)EPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-049 ADT Ad Hoc Clean Job (CHFT only)  
Word FileCHB-IP-050 ADT Update Bed Status - AvailableKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-050 ADT Update Bed Status - Available  
Word FileCHB-IP-051 ADT AdHoc Patient Transport Kristina RutherfordCHB-IP-051 ADT AdHoc Patient Transport   
Word FileCHB-IP-052 ADT Revision Transfer - CorrectKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-052 ADT Revision Transfer - Correct  
Word FileCHB-IP-053 ADT Revision Transfer - AddKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-053 ADT Revision Transfer - Add  
Word FileCHB-IP-054 ADT Undo TransferKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-054 ADT Undo Transfer  
Word FileCHB-IP-055 ADT Revision Transfer - RemoveKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-055 ADT Revision Transfer - Remove  
Word FileCHB-IP-056 ADT Appointment Visit Ward to ClinicKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-056 ADT Appointment Visit Ward to Clinic  
Word FileCHB-IP-057 ADT Appointment Visit Ward to Ward Kristina RutherfordCHB-IP-057 ADT Appointment Visit Ward to Ward   
Word FileCHB-IP-058 ADT Update Bed Status - BlockedKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-058 ADT Update Bed Status - Blocked  
Word FileCHB-IP-059 ADT Update Bed Status - Out of ServiceKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-059 ADT Update Bed Status - Out of Service  
Word FileCHB-IP-060 ADT Cancel Housekeeping JobKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-060 ADT Cancel Housekeeping Job  
Word FileCHB-IP-061 ADT Isolation of a WardKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-061 ADT Isolation of a Ward  
Word FileCHB-IP-062 ADT_Longer Infection CleanKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-062 ADT_Longer Infection Clean  
Word FileCHB-IP-063 ADT Discharge - TreatedKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-063 ADT Discharge - Treated  
Word FileCHB-IP-064 ADT Discharge - DeceasedKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-064 ADT Discharge - Deceased  
Word FileCHB-IP-065 ADT Delay DischargeKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-065 ADT Delay Discharge  
Word FileCHB-IP-066 ADT Transport EquipmentKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-066 ADT Transport Equipment  
Word FileCHB-IP-067 ADT Cancel Patient TransferKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-067 ADT Cancel Patient Transfer  
Word FileCHB-IP-068 ADT Cancel Bed ReservationKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-068 ADT Cancel Bed Reservation  
Word FileCHB-IP-069 ADT Cancel Transport JobKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-069 ADT Cancel Transport Job  
Word FileCHB-IP-070 ADT Mortuary RegistrationKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-070 ADT Mortuary Registration  
Word FileCHB-IP-071 ADT Mortuary DischargeKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-071 ADT Mortuary Discharge  
Word FileCHB-IP-072 ADT Organ Collection ProcessEPR Ops BoardCHB-IP-072 ADT Organ Collection Process  
Word FileCHB-IP-073 ADT Newborn AdmissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-073 ADT Newborn Admission  
Word FileCHB-IP-074 HIM Coding from Task QueueKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-074 HIM Coding from Task Queue  
Word FileCHB-IP-075 HIM Coding from Discharge ReportKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-075 HIM Coding from Discharge Report  
Word FileCHB-IP-078 CHB_IP_078_ADT OP Tariff ProcedureKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-078 CHB_IP_078_ADT OP Tariff Procedure  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ01 Person correction ManagementKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ01 Person correction Management  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ02 Revision Inpatient admissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ02 Revision Inpatient admission  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ03 Revision Inpatient Re-addmissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ03 Revision Inpatient Re-addmission  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ04 Revision of inpatient waiting listKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ04 Revision of inpatient waiting list  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ05 Revisionion of mortuary registrationKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ05 Revisionion of mortuary registration  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ06 Undo cancel encounterKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ06 Undo cancel encounter  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ07 Undo dischargeKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ07 Undo discharge  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ08 Undo encounterKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ08 Undo encounter  
Word FileCHB-IP-DQ09 undo new born admissionKristina RutherfordCHB-IP-DQ09 undo new born admission  
PDF FileRequesting a New Ward Attender Appointment V1.1Farah NazHow to request a New Ward Attender Appointment  
PDF FileScheduling a F/up Ward Attender Appointment V1.1Farah NazHow to schedule a F/up Ward Attender Appointment  
PDF FileScheduling a New Ward Attender Appointment V1.1Farah NazHow to schedule a New Ward Attender appointment