End User Training at BTHFT - Book today

EPR End User training continues, post go-live at both Trusts.   BTHFT staff should click on the 'Book Now' link below to access the available courses.   CHFT staff should book using their internal business as usual process.

If you have any questions about EPR training at BTHFT, please call 01484 355682 or email EPR-Training@this.nhs.uk.  (This number is for Bradford staff (even though it is a Huddersfield number). 






Bookings can only be made from a Trust computer inside the BTHFT network


Call: 01484 355682 or email EPR-Training@this.nhs.uk if you have any queries or need help.


EPR Training - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Training telephone number is a Huddersfield number - is it the right number for Bradford staff too?

A: Yes - if you have any questions about EPR training, please call 01484 355682 or email EPR-Training@this.nhs.uk  - regardless of which trust you work at.  

Q: I don’t know which course I should book - or if I should book more than one course. 

A:  The training brochure describes all courses in detail and who they are relevant for, so please read this carefully.  If this doesn’t answer your question, call 01484 355682 or email EPR-Training@this.nhs.uk  - for guidance. 

Q:  What should I do if I need to cancel or change my training date?

A:  When you book your training you will receive a confirmation email.  Right at the bottom of the email there is a link to cancel.  Please use this link.  If you want to change the date, the best thing to do is to cancel an existing booking then book a new one. 

What is EPR training like?

Whilst many staff have taken the opportunity to sample EPR at roadshows, workshops and drop in sessions, for many, training will be their first experience of EPR.

Training sessions run for a full or half day, depending upon how much there is to learn, and are classroom based.

Each person will get their own computer and sign into EPR to start using it for themselves.  The team of EPR trainers have a wealth of experience of teaching people to use EPR, and many of them have been working in our Trusts as trainers for many years, so are familiar with how staff currently work.

Training is a combination of how to use the system along with some discussion around how this might change how people work.  For example, the 'workflows' in EPR might slightly change the order in which a common process happens - or highlight the relationships between what different members all do to support patient care.

EPR training is also a fantastic opportunity to get to know colleagues from other departments and share knowledge.