EPR Friends hub

EPR Friends provide front-line support to colleagues EPR Friends, will assist in training, testing and other project events whilst gaining in depth knowledge of EPR. This hub holds useful information for EPR Friends.

Changes to EPR Speed Dating events

The EPR Speed Dating events advertised in this week's 'Let's Talk' have been reorganised,  in order to prioritise other activities,   We are now inviting staff to attend Dr Paul Southern's Masterclasses instead, where they will receive a similar overview of EPR and how it will work to support patient care.

Find out more about these events on the EPR Masterclass page. 

This decision was made after this week's 'Let's Talk' was finalised.   Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused.

EPR Friends Final Briefings

To ensure all our Friends understand what will happen during transfer to the new system (known as cutover and go-live), a series of final briefing sessions have been arranged.  No need to book - turn up:

  • Monday 4 September 2017, 9am – 10am, Sovereign Lecture Theatre, BRI
  • Friday 8 September 2017, 8am – 9am, Seminar Room 3, SLH
  • Friday 8 September 2017, 12pm – 1pm, Seminar Room 3, SLH
  • Tuesday 12 September 2017, 12pm – 1pm, Sovereign Lecture Theatre, BRI
  • Wednesday 13 September 2017, 11am – 12pm, Sovereign Lecture Theatre, BRI
  • Thursday 21 September 2017, 1.30pm - 2.30pm, Sovereign Lecture Theatre, BRI

EPR Friends Training for staff at BTHFT

EPR Friends at BTHFT can now book their end user training and their EPR Friends Session 3.

As an EPR Friend you need to book both your End User Training - ideally in the first couple of weeks of the training period - plus your EPR Friends 3 training.  Both of these can be booked on the same booking system.


If you need any further assistance, please contact the EPR Training Team by emailing: EPR-Training@this.nhs.uk  or call 01484 355682

EPR Friends posters

EPR Friends should have their completed 'Friends Poster' on display in their department.  If you need any help to do this, the EPR team are on hand to take pictures, print your poster or re-provide the template.  

Simply contact: epr-enquiries@this.nhs.uk or contact the team via the EPR Friends Facebook group.

Search for EPR Friends

If you're an EPR Friend, join our Facebook group and network with other Friends.  All requests to join are checked by our group administrator.

Please also see our guidance on using social media and what Facebook has to say about who can see information on your personal Facebook account.

Your EPR Friends questions, answered by Eric

If you have an EPR question, why not Ask Eric?   Eric has answers to many of the most commonly asked EPR questions.  http://epr.this.nhs.uk/ask-eric/

There's a special category which has answers to specific questions about being an EPR Friend.  You can see these at: http://epr.this.nhs.uk/home/staff/ask-eric/epr-friends/

EPR Friends monthly messages

Powerpoint slides containing monthly messages for EPR Friends are available. 

Useful resources for EPR Friends

Glossary of Terms

EPR jargon explained in a useful digest of EPR terminology.

Learning Live Films

'Learning Live' is a series of short films developed by Cerner, that give an overview of EPR, showing some of the basic things the system does to support patient care.

These films are not intended to be training - simply an early view of some EPR functions to help demystify how EPR works. The films are based on a generic EPR system - so may not show the final way in which our EPR will work, but they are fairly representative.  You may find these useful when people want to know how the system works.

FAQs from Future State Validation

We received 100s of questions at the Future State Validation event.  They have been collated and answered, and a document is now available on the EPR website.  These sit alongside the more generic FAQs that are also on the site.

CHFT Chief Exec endorsement

A little while ago, Owen Williams, the Chief Exec of CHFT spoke about EPR as part of his regular updates to staff.  Working with the CHFT comms team, we have published an abridged version of this to the EPR website.  You may find this helpful to show at small group events.

EPR Passport

The EPR Passport is now up and running.  An overview and all of the guidance on how departments and wards can achieve each passport stamp can be found on our passport pages.

EPR Newsletters

All previous EPR Newsletters can be downloaded from the EPR website.