EPR will give doctors, nurses and health workers information at their finger-tips

The benefits of EPR for staff

EPR will improve our services in many ways and transform the way healthcare staff work.   These stories give you more information about how services for patients could be made safer and more efficient with the introduction of EPR.


Useful links for CHFT staff:  EPR SOPs   //  EPR QRGs  //  EPR User Guides // Downtime

Useful links for BTHFT staff: BOOK TRAINING // EPR SOPs  (links to the BTHFT Intranet so will only work internally)

"EPR will make things much easier and more efficient"

Anne Wiggins, Sister on Coronary Care and Ward 22, has been busy helping her department to get ready for Go-Live. She told us how she’s looking forward to EPR…

How do you think EPR will affect your department?

Initially, we are all expecting the go-live to be quite exciting, and a lot of work - and we are preparing for that! I’ve being doing a lot of work as an EPR Friend, attending training and meetings to try and prepare. In the long run, EPR will make things much easier and more efficient for us; for example notes will be readily available for our patients rather than waiting for paper copies.

How have you been encouraging your colleagues to prepare for EPR?

We’ve got a number of EPR Friends who have all been to the training. Most people on our department are now booked on to attend End User Training. We’ve also got an EPR noticeboard with lots of information on it....

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News for staff

EPR is being introduced at Bradford Teaching Hospitals from the evening of Friday 22 September and it may take staff a little time to get used to the new system. If you're coming to the hospital in the next few weeks read on....

EPR supports you and your team!

Message pools allow teams to work together collaboratively to improve our patient's experience.

Our 'How To' guides make EPR work harder for you

Over the past few weeks, Dr Paul Southern has been running daily masterclasses, helping staff get to grips with EPR. Based on the questions and common themes, he's produced a series of 'How to' guides.

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Check your login details in EPR

From the 4th September, the EPR Team will be holding daily drop-in sessions in BRI Old Canteen for all staff to check that they will have the correct access to EPR. An additional event at St Luke's has also been organised.

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