EPR will give doctors, nurses and health workers information at their finger-tips

The benefits of EPR for staff

EPR will improve our services in many ways and transform the way healthcare staff work.   These stories give you more information about how services for patients could be made safer and more efficient with the introduction of EPR.

'It will be brilliant'

Michelle McSheffrey, a Healthcare Assistant in Haematology Outpatients at HRI, gives us her thoughts on being an EPR Friend.

What inspired you to become an EPR Friend?

We’re a small team and we all muck in together doing various roles. Everybody does a bit on the computer, patient care, and clinic, so it’s nice that somebody will be able to pass EPR information on to everybody else. My team is willing to all listen to and learn from each other.

What are you most looking forward to when EPR goes live?

Access to patient information - EPR will make this much easier for us. I think when the system is up and running it will be brilliant, because at the moment if one of our patients has been to A&E we can’t see that on the system, we can’t see what’s been done, and we will be able to with EPR. It’s linked to GPs so that will help with medicines for...

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News for staff

Booking for EPR Training is now live for staff members at CHFT

Get ready to fly at 'EPR Check-in'

EPR Check-in events – final opportunity to make sure you can fly!

HRI – Monday 24 & Tuesday 25 April: Sub-basement canteen corridor and hubs (11am-2pm)

CRH – Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 April: Ingleton Falls restaurant (11am-2pm)

Using the EPR ‘Cerner Play Domain' at CHFT

CHFT staff may have seen a new icon appear on their computer desktop, giving access to the EPR Play Domain. This offers CHFT staff the ability to experiment with a dummy version of the system.

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BTHFT EPR Presentations - get a head start on EPR!

The EPR Team at BTHFT are now running twice-weekly presentations on EPR, giving you the chance to see the system and ask questions.

Other Top Stories

CHFT get ready to go live!

Over the last three weeks teams at CHFT have done a full dress rehearsal, to help them prepare for go-live. Read More

Trial Load Testing event at BTHFT

Trial load testing helps us to see how data will be migrated into EPR when we go live, so that we can make sure that the system is safe and staff have access to all the information they need. Read More