EPR will replace patients paper records with a single digital record

Improvements for patients

EPR will improve our services for patients in many ways.   These stories give you more information about how services could improve once EPR is introduced.

Chaplain at CHFT, George Spencer encourages colleagues to prepare

Chaplain George Spencer talks about how he will use EPR and how colleagues can prepare for the change to come.

George Spencer is CHFT's coordinating chaplain, working with a team of chaplains working at both CHFT hospitals offering spiritual care to patients and staff.

The care he provides helps patients to cope with the sometimes challenging times they find themselves face when in hospital and he believes its important the the whole team are aware of patient's spiritual needs.  EPR will record the care and advice he offers, so that everyone can respect the non-clinical needs patients.

You can see a short interview with George in our news section.

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