Benefit Stories

'It will be brilliant'

Michelle McSheffrey, a Healthcare Assistant in Haematology Outpatients at HRI, gives us her thoughts on being an EPR Friend.

What inspired you to become an EPR Friend?

We’re a small team and we all muck in together doing various roles. Everybody does a bit on the computer, patient care, and clinic, so it’s nice that somebody will be able to pass EPR information on to everybody else. My team is willing to all listen to and learn from each other.

What are you most looking forward to when EPR goes live?

Access to patient information - EPR will make this much easier for us. I think when the system is up and running it will be brilliant, because at the moment if one of our patients has been to A&E we can’t see that on the system, we can’t see what’s been done, and we will be able to with EPR. It’s linked to GPs so that will help with medicines for our elderly patients. I just think it will be a really good thing for our Trusts.

What’s your main concern about EPR?

If it goes down, which I think everybody is concerned about. I know we’ll have a backup and we will always manage but that is the main concern about EPR. People may also struggle to put information on at first but that will be fine once we’re all using it.

What is your favourite part of your job and how do you think EPR will affect this?

My favourite part of my job is the patients. We get to know our patients really well and I don’t think EPR will affect that one bit! Our patients are with us a long time because of the diseases they’ve got and I don’t think EPR will affect that, but it will be nice to have extra knowledge and to learn, which is why I wanted to be an EPR Friend.

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