Benefit Stories

"EPR will make things much easier and more efficient"

Anne Wiggins, Sister on Coronary Care and Ward 22, has been busy helping her department to get ready for Go-Live. She told us how she’s looking forward to EPR…

How do you think EPR will affect your department?

Initially, we are all expecting the go-live to be quite exciting, and a lot of work - and we are preparing for that! I’ve being doing a lot of work as an EPR Friend, attending training and meetings to try and prepare. In the long run, EPR will make things much easier and more efficient for us; for example notes will be readily available for our patients rather than waiting for paper copies.

How have you been encouraging your colleagues to prepare for EPR?

We’ve got a number of EPR Friends who have all been to the training. Most people on our department are now booked on to attend End User Training. We’ve also got an EPR noticeboard with lots of information on it.

What are you most looking forward to when EPR goes live?

Personally, I’m looking forward to a reduction of work on audit days. All the information will be there in EPR, and soon we’ll be able to run reports to get the information out rather than going through notes. Then we’ll be able to assess our standards. Audit days happen every month so this will save us from having to spend time inputting the data manually.

People at CHFT who are already using the system have said that even though it was difficult at first, they wouldn’t go back, so hopefully we will have the same experience. Once we’ve got over the initial difficulties of learning the system, it will be much better for us all.

As an EPR Friend, I’m also really looking forward to wearing my orange t-shirt!