Our 'How To' guides make EPR work harder for you

Over the past few weeks, Dr Paul Southern has been running daily masterclasses, helping staff get to grips with EPR. Based on the questions and common themes, he's produced a series of 'How to' guides.

Dr Southern's how to guides were developed in response to questions received in his Masterclasses and put EPR in context.

"Colleagues have been on their end-user-training and looked at SOPs - so they've got a good idea of how EPR works.  The challenge is applying this knowledge and putting it in context," says Dr Southern.  "That's what the 'How to' guides are designed to do."

The guides are not a replacement for EPR SOPs.  They take a closer look at the different ways that EPR might be used in the hospital, day-to-day, and how it may affect how regular jobs are done.  There's also some handy reminders of EPR features.

Topics include, "How to perform a high-volume ward round", "How to create a list in EPR" and "How to save favourites".   More guides will be added in the coming weeks.

-> Download the guides from the documents section of the website.

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