Do you have a question about EPR? Ask Eric.

If you have a question about EPR, Eric may be able to help.

If Eric hasn’t answered your question, speak to your EPR Friend for more information

Ask Eric

You can ask him by typing your question into Eric's question box (above) and he'll search through the hundreds of questions that have already been asked to find you a selection of answers.  

He'll look at Frequently Asked Questions, questions the team has received at previous EPR events and also articles in previous EPR Newsletters.

He's also put together answers to some of the most frequent questions he gets into categories, at the bottom of the page, if you'd rather browse. 

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If Eric hasn’t answered your question, speak to your EPR Friend for more information or contact the EPR team and we'll try to help:

FAQ Sections

General questions about EPR and the programme

How we will record important information about patients in EPR, make clinical notes and other kinds of documents

How information about patients will be moved from existing systems to our new EPR

How EPR will support the prescribing and management of medicines

The device’s we’ll use to access EPR

About EPR’s ability to manage beds and give us powerful information about the whole 

How EPR will support the ordering of tests and diagnostics, and deal with results

Information about how children’s services will be managed in EPR

About the management of patient’s appointments

How EPR works and technical questions 

About how everyone will learn to use EPR

EPR Friends

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